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Base Comd and Base Chief Remembrance Day Message

It can be difficult to find a moment to stop and reflect on events, whether they happened recently or long ago in the past.

The world is constantly moving at a relentless pace, demanding more and more of one’s time and efforts. We work, we celebrate, we argue, and we move on, living our day-to-day lives with eyes constantly fixed on the future. But on November 11th, on this most solemn of days, we stop. We reflect. And we remember.  

We remember how, through difficult times and times of prosperity, through peace and turmoil, the Canadian Armed Forces continues to provide security and support to our citizens and allies across the world.  

Terry Dowdall

We remember those members who have demonstrated their quality time and again, whether it be staying here in Canada to help provide aid to those in need, or deploying overseas to help serve our nation’s interests.   

We remember that more than 2,300,000 Canadians have donned a military uniform in the Canadian Armed Forces long history. We also remember the more than 118,000 members who made the ultimate sacrifice while in service of Canada.  

With remembrance, it is about so much more than just one battle or one conflict. Here, at this moment in time, we can honour all those who have come before us to help pave the future. For it is through their dedicated efforts that we are here today, standing in a world that those before us fought so hard to protect. It is vital, though, that we also take this time to check in with our comrades in arms, our fellow soldiers, friends, and families who may be struggling on this day and are in need of a helping hand or a friendly shoulder to lean on. Always remember: we are not alone. You are not alone. We salute each and every one of you who has served.  

That is why we stop. That is why we reflect. And that is why we remember. 

 Lest we forget