Conflict coaching for assertiveness / Coaching vers un style de résolution de conflits assuré

Dear CCMS: I regularly receive feedback that I am aggressive, rude and abrupt.  I am trying to get my point across, but...

CCMS – Canadians Observe Black History Month in February

Canada is made up of individuals with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds who bring a richness of perspectives, experiences, language, traditions, and...

Refarming a combative approach – how, not who / Recadrer une approche combative...

Dear CCMS, My colleague and I don’t see eye to eye on anything. I need someone to help figure out which of...

Digital Conflict Coaching

I have a particular situation that I will need to deal with when we resume normal operations, but I need some...

Looking for answers

Dear CCMS, I am a proud CAF member and lesbian. I have served for two years and plan to...

International Conflict Resolution Day / Journée internationale pour la résolution des conflits

Dear CCMS: I heard it was the International Conflict Resolution Day on October 17 2019. What does this day signify?

Conflict and Complaint Management Services during Force Health Protection

We remain prepared and ready to assist! During these new and very challenging times, Canadians, DND and other...

Are the Conflict & Complaint Management Services centres still open?

During this period of self-isolation and social distancing in response to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s tempting to forget about workplace conflicts and...

Join CCMS in celebrating International Conflict Resolution Day on October 15, 2020!

Communities globally take part in the annual celebration during the third week of October, in order to honour, promote and increase awareness...

Talk the Talk

Dear CCMS, I don’t feel comfortable talking with my colleagues.  They are constantly criticizing management and bickering with one...
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