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Upgrade your physical wellness with PSP


Health and Physical Fitness Day is an annual event that has been hosted by your local CFB Borden PSP team for several years now. On this day, your local PSP team has typically provided a variety of activities to promote the different ways that one can use to maintain and even improve their health and wellbeing.

Health is a state of physical, mental, and social wellbeing. What this means is that overall health requires a balance of all three categories. Therefore, we need to focus our efforts to maintain or improve our wellbeing in all three categories.

Physical wellness involves healthy behaviours such as regular exercise, adequate sleep, and optimal nutrition. Creating and maintaining these habits will help to promote and maintain fitness over one’s lifetime. There are many different methods of maintaining physical fitness such as cardiovascular training and resistance training.

Everyone has different ways of keeping active, whether that be walks with a neighbor, gym sessions, attending fitness classes, or working through mobility routines. The importance is to think about physical wellness as moving in ways that make you and your body feel good. Generally, 3-5 days per week of 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity will yield health benefits for the average adult.

Health and Physical Fitness Day will be hosting events geared towards physical, mental and social wellness, or a combination. Some physical wellness events include a Yoga or Circuit training class to start the day, followed by the Borden’s Fittest Soldier and Unit competitions wherein members can test their physical and mental fitness by completing an obstacle course. This course will include components from different fitness tests across many specialty trades. There will also be an introduction to adult swim lessons and a swim stroke correction classes offered. And if you’re looking for a more leisure physical activity, the climbing wall will be open and there will be a learn to lift workshop focusing on the three main powerlifting lifts.

Join your local PSP on 27 May to upgrade your physical wellbeing!

For more information and to register for Health and Physical Fitness Day events, visit our website at cafconnection.ca.