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2022 Addiction Awareness Campaign

What is An Addiction Free Lifestyle?

According to the Canadian Forces Health and Physical Fitness Strategy an addiction free lifestyle is one “that does not compromise health and performance with behaviours such as alcohol abuse, illicit drug use, problem gambling (including online gaming), and tobacco use.” This strategy also says that developing an addiction free lifestyle means, first, choosing a lifestyle that is about moderation or that strives to stay within reasonable limits; not too excessive or extreme.

How do I live an addiction-Free lifestyle?

The best way to do this is to continue to develop effective coping skills to manage daily stress, develop healthy leisure activities, and build a supportive network of family and friends.

What is ‘Healthy leisure’?

Healthy Leisure is often connected to an addiction free lifestyle because it is also about moderation and balance. In this case it is about balancing responsibilities and leisure time in an effort to maintain health and fitness. It’s about balancing our lives with recreation that benefits our minds, bodies and spirits and can cover a range of activities from sports/fitness activities. It can play a very important role in our emotional and physical health and well-being. It can help us relax, manage stress, increase our sense of self-worth, prevent boredom, increase mental and physical agility, and provide us with coping skills, enjoyment and social connection.

Locally, you can join us on 25 November at 1200 for an informative brief on Gambling and Gaming Awareness. Do not let these activities negatively impact your life! For more information and to register, log onto our website at CFMWS.ca.

The Addictions Awareness Campaign runs from 21-25 November. For more information on this campaign, contact your local health promotion office at local 7086.