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    Website Advertising

    Due to COVID-19, print advertising is not available at this time. However, we still have multiple advertising channels for your brand to reach members of CFB Borden and the surrounding communities.

    Big Box Ads

    Place an advertisement on the home page of our website! Big box ads are available for 1 month periods, and can be located in the right column of the home page of our website.

    • Ad size – 350 x 250 px, 221 DPI, RGB
    • Booking Deadline – Week prior to month start. Mid month runs available (depending on availability)
    • Limited to 6 Big Box ads running per month. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity

    Contact timothy.loyal@forces.gc.ca to book, and for pricing.

    Banner Ads

    The premium advertising position on our website. The banner ads are displayed at the very top of every page on our website. Whether the reader is browsing the home page or reading an article, your ad will be displayed first thing as they land on a new page.

    • Ad size – 728 x 90 px, 221 DPI, RGB
    • Booking Deadline – Week prior to month start. Mid month runs available (depending on availability)
    • Limited to 5 banner ads running per month. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity

    Contact timothy.loyal@forces.gc.ca for pricing and booking inquiries

    Newsletter Advertising

    Newsletter Banner Ad

    Land directly in the inbox of members at CFB Borden and the local communities. Sent weekly every Friday, newsletter banner ads are a great alternative to our exclusive web ads. Discounts can be made for multi-week purchases. Top, middle and bottom positions available.

    • Ad size – 1200 x 375 px, 221 DPI, RGB
    • Booking Deadline – Tuesday before Friday Publishing Date.
    • Limited to 1 top banner, 1 bottom banner and 4 middle banners.

    Contact timothy.loyal@forces.gc.ca for pricing and booking inquiries

    Newsletter Supporter Logos

    Working with a tighter budget? Not to worry, we still have options for you! Try a newsletter supporter logo. For as low as $60 a month, have your logo (linked to your website) published under a “CFB Borden Supporter” banner in our newsletter.

    Contact timothy.loyal@forces.gc.ca for more pricing and booking inquiries

    Looking for a sample newsletter? Subscribe here, or check out past issues here.

    Have a discount offered exclusively to military members and their family? Join the CF Appreciation program to reach them!

    The Citoyen Borden Citizen has been serving military members since 1948

    Note – Due to COVID-19, we’ve paused the printed edition of the newspaper.

    The Citoyen Borden Citizen reaches a unique audience at CFB Borden. As the sole newspaper in the community, we serve up to 20,000 military
    students who train at CFB Borden each year as well as their family members and the local communities.

    Many of these students and their families are new to the area; they are looking for services and businesses to meet their daily needs as they get to now our region. With the Citizen delivered to their door, they rely on us to help them settle into the community. As an advertiser in our paper, your business would be part of their first exposure to this area.

    A large percentage of our readers fall in the 25-34 age group, with 60% making a higher than average income. There is 100% employment with military members, many of them with a good deal of disposable income. Annual salaries for military and civilian Department of National Defence employees working on the base total approximately $142 million.

    The Citoyen Borden Citizen is considered a tool for the Base Commander to reach the troops, provide updated news and to educate surrounding townships about CFB Borden. Your advertising message will be viewed and read by a captive and allegiant audience.

    The Citoyen Borden Citizen is a fantastic opportunity for advertisers who would like to connect to our Canadian Armed Forces community, and take
    advantage of this unique market.

    Le Citoyen Borden Citizen est au service des militaires depuis 1948.

    Remarque – En raison du COVID-19, nous avons suspendu l’édition imprimée du journal.

    Le Citoyen Borden Citizen rejoint un lectorat unique à la BFC Borden. Comme il s’agit du seul journal de la communauté, nous servons jusqu’à 20 000 stagiaires militaires qui suivent des cours à la BFC Borden chaque année, de même que les membres de leurs familles et les communautés locales.

    Beaucoup de ces stagiaires et de leurs familles sont nouveaux dans la région. Ils sont donc à la recherche de services et d’entreprises qui seront en mesure de satisfaire leurs besoins quotidiens tout en apprenant à découvrir la région. Comme le Citoyen Borden Citizen est livré directement à leur porte, ces personnes comptent sur nous pour les aider à s’établir dans la communauté. À titre d’annonceur dans notre journal, votre entreprise ferait partie de leurs premiers contacts avec cette région.

    Un grand pourcentage de nos lecteurs sont âgés de 25 à 34 ans, et 60 % d’entre eux ont un revenu plus élevé que ceux de la moyenne des gens. Le taux d’emploi chez les militaires est de 100 %, et bon nombre d’entre eux ont un revenu disponible qui leur donne les moyens de consommer. La rémunération annuelle des militaires et des employés civils du ministère de la Défense nationale qui exercent des fonctions dans la Base totalise environ 142 millions de dollars.

    Le Citoyen Borden Citizen constitue un outil pour le commandant de la Base afin de communiquer avec les troupes, de fournir des nouvelles à jour et de faire connaître la BFC Borden aux cantons avoisinants. Votre message publicitaire sera vu et lu par des lecteurs captifs et fidèles. Le Citoyen Borden Citizen représente une occasion fantastique pour les annonceurs qui souhaitent se faire