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New bus system at Borden

*This article has been updated on 31 March, 2023 with additional details.

Shuttle system expands to Borden residents

Getting around CFB Borden will soon be easier starting 3 April thanks to a new base bus system. The route will have two shuttles making stops on both the North and South ends of the military base, and one stop in downtown Angus.

The shuttles will be accessible to the Borden Community, including base employees, CAF members, and military family members residing within the Residential Housing Units of CFB Borden.


  1. Curtiss Dining Hall
  2. 16 Wing HQ CFSATE
  3. RCEME School
  4. Andy Anderson Arena parking lot
  5. CANEX Mall
  6. Base Clothing Store
  7. Peacekeepers Park (Angus)
  8. Vickers Mess Hall

Hours of operation

Sunday to Thursday: 0530 hrs – 2330 hrs
Friday and Saturday: 0530 hrs – 0030 hrs


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