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South Simcoe Superstars get big boost


On Wednesday, September 12, the Special Olympics team of South Simcoe aptly named the “Superstars” received two generous donations, which will allow them to offer more sports for their members.

Sadly, after losing her brother, Donna Febbo had to decide what charity to donate some of the inheritance to – she chose the South Simcoe Superstars and was thrilled to attend the evening of bowling at the Circled Pine Bowling Ally at CFB Borden to present a cheque to the Community Coordinator, Mark Shave.

Another donor, Mr. Stan Smug, a contractor with Lynley Contracting Services Ltd., was present to make his donation to the group.

South Simcoe Superstar, Logan was happy to hear about his “family” receiving such a generous donation, and is looking forward to participating in the new activities.

With the combined donations, the South Simcoe Superstars are able to expand their offerings to include swimming, soccer, track and field and badminton.

“We are very thankful for these donations,” Mark Shave, South Simcoe Superstars Community Coordinator said. “We can now offer more sports to our members including badminton, which we had to cancel, but can now run.”

Present for the presentation was Sandi Macdonald, Essa Township’s Deputy Mayor and a 15-year supporter of the Superstars.