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Tips to Enjoy the Canadian Armed Forces Day and Air Show 


The Canadian Armed Forces Day and Air Show, presented by BMO promises to be an excellent outdoor family outing! There are going to be some great special events, displays and activities to enjoy. While you are taking part in the festivities here are some tips to help you and your family enjoy the event while keeping safe and happy.

  • Wear sunscreen – Clear blue skies and sunny days are the best for watching all the different planes that will be performing during the weekend, but they can also cause such problems as sunburn. Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays that beam down. Make sure the entire family wears sunscreen and remember to re-apply throughout the day.  (Wear a hat along with that sunscreen too!)
  • Stay hydrated – Standing outside in the summer heat watching the sky for hours can be very taxing on our bodies. It is extremely important that we stay hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Bring a cooler (2-gallon capacity or less) with non-alcoholic beverages or bring some extra cash to buy drinks from the vendors.
  • Wear sunglasses – Staring at the bright sky following all the aircraft will be performing at the show can give you eye strain so remember to bring your sunglasses so you will be able to see everything.
  • Ear plugs – Some aircraft can be very loud, even at a distance. This is a great tip for young children. It is quite possible that some of our aircraft will be the loudest thing your young child has ever heard and you will want to protect their ears.
  • No smoking – There will be many exhibits where everyone will be able to get close to some really cool equipment. To keep you and the equipment safe, there are specific smoking areas set up. Please do not smoke anywhere else at the air show.
  • Wear sensible footwear – One thing that seems to get overlooked when people are preparing to go to an air show is that there will be a lot of standing and walking around during the day. It really pays to wear sensible footwear, your feet and legs will thank you the next day!
  • Only service pets admitted – This is a family event and we encourage you to bring all your family except your pets. While adults and kids can have the time of their lives at an airshow animals tend to be overwhelmed and sometimes stressed due to all the action that is taking place. Of course registered and trained service animals who will be working are welcomed.
  • Bring a chair or blanket – There’s plenty of space to spread out on the ground of the air show so arrive early and set yourself up comfortably for the day. Bring a folding chair or a large blanket for you and your family to sit and enjoy the show!
  • Camera or phone for pictures – It is always the best to be able to share an experience like an air show with friends and family that may not be able to make it to the show. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged to take picture and/or videos to share your memories of the show.
  • Take a break among the vendors – With all the noise, heat and excitement at the air show you may find that you need a bit of a break during the day. Take some time to visit our vendors, have some refreshment and maybe spend a dollar or two on something to take home with you.  
  • Everyone is done with COVID-19 but unfortunately, COVID-19 is not done with us.  Please be respectful to each other whether or not you wear a mask on the grounds. CFB Borden is considered federal land and all buildings on the Base are considered federal buildings, as such anyone entering a federal building must follow Federal Public Health Measures including physical distancing and wearing a mask indoors.

We’ve got so much for you to see and do at the CAF Day and Air Show, presented by BMO, it will be an exciting experience you and your family will remember and talk about for some time to come, until the next one! We recommend the tips listed above to guarantee you an amazing time. We look forward to seeing there! 

Submitted by: CFB Borden Base General Safety Office