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A Celebration of Culture

Performance done alongside the recitation of the poem “Immortal Flight” by Captain Rey Garcia-Salas to represent the Encounter of the Eagle and the Condor (Courtesy of @casaculturalperuana)

Bringing together a variety of communities, the Multicultural Festival in Toronto, was a success

The Multicultural Peruvian Festival took place in Toronto between 29 July and 30 July. The event was a great success, with many attendees from all different backgrounds celebrating Peru’s 202nd anniversary of independence.

A variety of Peruvian and multicultural Canadian foods, crafts, vendors and community information were available at the festival, along with musical, dance and poetry performances.

“It’s more than a celebration, it’s a celebration of multiculturalism in Canada by providing spaces for all cultures, organizations and groups to reach out and have access to multicultural communities like ours who come together at this festival,” said Betzabe (Betsy) Requena Cortez CEO, Founder, and Director of Casa Cultural Peruana Inc.

“We, as organizers of community events, see the need to provide our children, youth and families with the values of our heroes and respect for them in times of peace and war. Maintaining values from one generation to another generation is crucial for our Canadian society to maintain a prosperous and democratic country.”

Casa Cultural Peruana Inc., founded on 6 July, 2001, is a non-profit organization with a mission to preserve and promote Peruvian culture in Canada. The organization does this through a variety of events including folk dance performances, social events, and fairs under the motto, “We do it not for the fame, but for the people of our community – our home.”

As part of the celebration, Captain Rey Garcia-Salas, representing the Latin American Soldier Committee, gave a speech commemorating the contributions of Peruvians during World Wars I and II. His poem, ‘Immortal Flight’, was also used in a performance to represent the Encounter of the Eagle and the Condor.

Captain Rey Garcia-Salas giving his speech (Courtesy of @casaculturalperuana)

“Today, we gather here to pay tribute to the remarkable contributions of Peruvians in the Canadian Armed Forces during the First and Second World Wars. Their dedication, bravery, and sacrifice exemplify the values that have shaped both Latin American and Canadian history, and their stories serve as a testament to the unbreakable bond between our two regions,” Capt Rey Garcia-Salas said.

“I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Casa Cultural Peruana for their unwavering commitment to honouring our Latin American heroes. I also express my thanks to the Consul of Peru in Toronto, community organizations, Canadian Armed Forces Recruitment and government institutions for their support in commemorating these extraordinary individuals.”

The event also featured Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recruiting officers who had a booth set up for both days and were fluent in both English and Spanish.

Canadian Forces recruitment tent set up at the The Multicultural Peruvian Festival (Courtesy of Sgt Glenda Galarza)

As the CEO of Casa Cultural Peruana Inc from Toronto, Betzabe (Betsy) Requena Cortez expressed appreciation to the Canadian government for partially funding the event, as well as sponsors, merchants, volunteers, and authorities who presented their messages and everyone who participated. Additionally, a thank you was extended to the City of Toronto for providing the event space.

A full video of the event can be found on the Casa Cultural Peruana Inc YouTube channel @casaculturalperuana as well as short clips of individual performances.

BY: Amber Boies