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Borden Receives RVH Field Hospital After Relocation

From left to right: RVH Director Wendy Barner, RVH President and CEO Gail Hunt, Base Commander Col Jonathan Michaud, Maj Alex Lefebvre and CWO Jeremy Peters participate in groundbreaking event to mark the space dedicating to the incoming structure. De gauche à droite : Wendy Barner, directrice de l’hôpital Royal Victoria, Gail Hunt, présidente et directrice générale de l’hôpital Royal Victoria, le Col Jonathan Michaud, commandant de la base, le Maj Alex Lefebvre et l’Adjuc Jeremy Peters participent à la cérémonie d’inauguration de l’espace réservé à la nouvelle structure.|

CFB Borden received the RVHs former field hospital and aims to convert it to short-term living spaces

Amidst the housing crisis in Canada, Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden is providing further accommodations for members and instructors in partnership with the Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) in Barrie Ont. who have shared a former field hospital that will serve as short-term accommodations.

The 12,800 square foot “Pandemic Response Unit” (PRU) is to be located at the intersection of Falaise Rd. and Korea Crt., where shipping containers now house the building materials for the facility, with signage indicating what the structure will look like in the coming months.

Major Alex Lefebvre addressing the audience during the groundbreaking event on 27 May, 2024
Major Alex Lefebvre addressing the audience during the groundbreaking event on 27 May, 2024 | Le major Alex Lefebvre s’adresse au public au cours de la cérémonie d’inauguration, le 27 mai 2024.

Representatives of RVH and Real Property Operations Detachment Borden (RPO Det Borden) were present to express their excitement in relocating the former field hospital to aid the CAF community and were even given the Base Commander’s Coin from Colonel Jonathan Michaud after the groundbreaking event.

“The Royal Victoria Hospital is one such ally to our Base and community, showing time and again a willingness to collaborate and work alongside our personnel,” Col Michaud said. “The unwavering support that the entire team at the hospital shows towards CFB Borden and our personnel is deeply appreciated.”

RPO Det Borden Property Officer Celia Diephius receiving a Base Commander’s coin from Col Michaud for her work in organizing various aspects of the structures arrival to CFB Borden

RVH President and CEO Gail Hunt was first given a coin and said that she hopes the former PRU structure serves as a reminder of CFB Borden’s collaborations with RVH over the years towards the common goal of bettering the lives of community members.

“We are thrilled to gift what we refer to as a PRU to CFB Borden where it will be put to beneficial use and I’m honoured to be here for this groundbreaking event,” Hunt said.

RPO Det Borden Property Officer Celia Diephuis was also given a Base Commander’s coin for her efforts in coordinating the arrival of the structure and its materials, forming a donation agreement, handling property related legalities and beyond.

Alongside Base Commander Col Michaud, RVH and RPO Det Borden representatives, the collaborative effort resulted in an official groundbreaking with shovels and all to kickstart the formation of the incoming short-term accommodations building. Its name is soon to be determined.

“As we break ground today, let us look forward to a future of continued collaboration, resilience, and success,” Col Michaud concluded. “This structure is more than just a building; it is a testament to our shared vision and determination to create a better environment for all.”

By: Caleb Hooper