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Base Maintenance Team Wins 2024 CO’s Challenge

The Maintenance team retrieving their trophy and celebrating with a champagne spray (Caleb Hooper/Citoyen Borden Citizen)

CFB Borden’s Tech Svcs hosts CO’s Challenge to test military skillsets in the field with the Maintenance team winning in 170mins

Deep within the forested training grounds of Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden, one of four teams took home a trophy and bragging rights after putting their military skillsets to the test during this year’s Commanding Officer’s (CO) Challenge, hosted by Tech Services CO Lieutenant Colonel Francesco Messina.

With four teams hailing from each Tech Services sub-unit including Maintenance, Transport, Material Management and CIS (Communications and Information Services), the winners of the event were the Maintenance team finishing the event in 170 mins.

After being dropped off at different locations across the training area, teams of eight were given 30 minutes to navigate from one location to the next and 30 minutes to complete each of the five challenges including:

  • a first-aid medical evacuation
  • setting up communications through different trenches
  • pushing a broken-down G-wagon
  • performing a basic maneuver with a weapon while transporting ammunition
  • applying a gas mask during a contamination drill

LCol Messina explained why he created the CO’s Challenge and revealed the thought that went into planning such an elaborate event.

“The intention was to create a challenge that would be physically demanding, but also an opportunity to test their basic army training skills into practice,” LCol Messina said. “Each event has something that we normally do as part of our training every year, but we’ve put it into a physically demanding challenge.”

According to LCol Messina, some participants went above and beyond the requirements of the challenge to truly push their own limits and encourage teammates to achieve the fastest time possible.

“Some individuals even added extra weight during their walk,” LCol Messina said. “Other people were just very motivated to push hard and achieve a good time.”

Following the challenge was a Tech Services barbeque hosted outside of building O-111 on Base, where all attendees enjoyed an afternoon of great food and time to socialize.

As the summer months approach, LCol Messina announced to all the end of his posting at CFB Borden and wished everyone farewell and best of luck in their future endeavours.

The Maintenance team winners were called up to receive the CO’s Challenge trophy and celebrated the victory with a champagne spray.

“You form good camaraderie bounds when you’re struggling together and I think a physical challenge is a good way to build a cohesive team,” LCol Messina concluded. “You get to learn about each other under stress when you’re pushing yourself. It’s a great equalizer and a team building exercise.”

By: Caleb Hooper