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BComd Commends MPGTG Staff With 44 Years of Service

Col Michaud presenting Bill Balsdon with the Base Commander’s Coin (Aviator Randy Bross/Canadian Armed Forces Photo)

Bill Balsdon committed 44 years to serving in the CAF and retired from his career at MPGTG

On 29 April 2024, Base Commander Colonel Jonathan Michaud highlighted the work, service and dedication of a now retired long-time Military Personnel Generational Training Group (MPGTG) HQ staff and military member William (Bill) Balsdon.

Between his extensive career as a reservist to joining Canadian Forces Recruitment Group (CFRG) HQ and then MPGTG HQ, Balsdon is retiring from 44 years of service in the CAF.

Balsdon received the Base Commander’s coin for his many years of excellence along with a certificate of appreciation, plaque and signed letter from the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland. Balsdon spoke on how his career in the CAF shaped so many of his life experiences and allowed him to help people in need.

“I’ve done things in my career that I never ever would have done if I hadn’t joined the military,” said Balsdon. “I’ve been places I would have never been and helped people who I would have never helped.”

From left to right: Major Stephen Paish, Bill Balsdon and MWO William Black presenting Bill Balsdon with a certificate of appreciation (Aviator Randy Bross/Canadian Armed Forces Photo)

The signed letter from the Government of Canada was read by Col Michaud for all in attendance to hear and celebrate Balsdon’s career.

“On the occasion of your retirement from the public service we wish to thank you on behalf of the government and people of Canda for 44 years of loyal service and to extend to you our best wishes,” Col Michaud read. a

Major Andreas Luecke giving Bill Balsdon a plaque from MPGTG (Aviator Randy Bross/Canadian Armed Forces Photo)

“That is not something you do every day,” he added. “This is the second time in my entire career I’ve presented somebody with 44 years of service. It’s quite the moment!”

By: Caleb Hooper