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CANEX and SISIP Donate Over $250,000 to Base Fund

District Manager, SISIP Financial, Gary Wan, CANEX Manager, Tom Bennett and CANEX Assistant Manager Caroline Davey present Base Commander Col Michaud and Base Chief CPO 1 Wilcox with cheque (Caleb Hooper/Borden Citizen)

This year’s annual CANEX and SISIP cheque presentation saw a donation exceeding a quarter million dollars 

On 10 November, the annual CANEX and SISIP cheque presentation illustrated a moment where two of CFB Borden’s supporting entities provided funding to promote the growth and security of financial literacy for members via a cheque donation. 

The cheque valued at $265,209 dollars supports the Base Fund; money used to support programs and operations here in Borden.  

Base Commander Colonel Jonathan Michaud expressed his shared value for financial literacy as he shared a story from his own past, outlining his time as a young Lieutenant in Bridgewater, N.S. who was “living paycheque to paycheque”. 

“I remember, Major Kelly Harvey was my first [Commanding Officer] and one day I walked into her office and said, ‘Hey Ma’am, if it’s okay with you I’m just going to run out for a couple of hours,’” Col Michaud said.

Members and guests mingling and enjoying plenty of food and refreshments in front of the SISIP office located inside the CANEX building moments before the cheque presentation (Caleb Hooper/Borden Citizen)

After a young Lt Michaud explained to Maj Harvey that he had to do his taxes, she offered to complete the task on his behalf that evening. The following day Maj Harvey respectfully suggested that he get in touch with a financial advisor after helping with his taxes. 

“[Maj Harvey] referred me to a gentleman [financial advisor] and I’m still with that gentleman to this day,” said Col Michaud. “It was some of the best advice I ever got.” 

District Manager, SISIP Financial, Gary Wan also spoke at the cheque presentation to remind everyone of what SISIP does for the CAF and that it is only possible due to the multitude of sacrifices members make.  

“The purpose of this gathering is to share who we are and what we do” Wan said. “[SISIP] offers unbiased expert financial advice exclusive to the CAF members, veterans and their families. SISIP and CANEX have been giving back to the CAF community for over 50 years.” 

To present the cheque alongside SISIP, CANEX Store Manager, Tom Bennett said a few words about his excitement in giving back to the CAF community, hoping that the donations will continue to increase over the coming years. 

“CANEX is extremely proud to be aligned with this program and it’s all due to the support of the CAF community. I certainly look forward to many more years of being able to participate in these cheque presentations and hopefully the cheques get bigger every year!” Bennett said. 

Take a moment to visit CANEX and SISIP, located on 36 El Alamein Rd E where you can speak with an expert financial advisor or stock up on the latest products that you’ll love. 

By: Caleb Hooper