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Conserve energy this New Year

If the effects of global warming continue as it has been predicted by environmental scientists, roughly 20% of the earth’s vegetation and animal life could be at jeopardy of extinction. But, as the effects of shrinking habitats have begun to show, the bad news is, many changes have already begun.

As global warming heats the planet, there will be more desperate measures. The climate will produce higher water tables in some areas and lower amounts of precipitation in others. These unstable weather patterns will leave many people without reliable supplies of fresh water for drinking and power generation. 

By using energy wisely and efficiently we can begin to reverse this negative effect that we are having on our planet’s climate.

Keep the Base electricity consumption low:

  1. Speak to your colleagues about saving energy! You need to lead by example, but it’s also important to make it a team effort. Many people who are very energy conscious at home forget to follow energy saving practices at work.
  2. Use task lighting (i.e. table lamps for reading) where appropriate so activities can be carried out without over illuminating entire rooms.
  3. Choose settings that automatically switch the computer monitor into sleep or “power-down” mode when it hasn’t been worked on for a pre-set amount of time. Shorten the delay time before your monitor automatically goes into sleep mode.

Home energy conservation tips:

  1. Installing low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators can save significant amounts of hot water. Low-flow showerheads can reduce hot-water consumption for bathing by 30 per cent, yet still provide a strong, invigorating spray. Faucet aerators, when applied in commercial and multifamily buildings where water is constantly circulated, can also reduce water-heating energy consumption.     
  2. Weatherize your home. By simply caulking, sealing and weather stripping around all your windows, outside doors or where plumbing, ductwork and electrical wiring penetrate exterior walls, floors or ceilings, you can save 10-25 per cent on your heating bill.
  3. Find out how big your carbon footprint is!  Go to https://www.footprintcalculator.org/home/en and take the quiz, I think that many of you will be surprised with the results. I know I was!

By: Alex Savu, Energy Manager, RP OPS Det. Borden