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Do your part – be security smart

Director General Defence Security (DGDS) is hosting its annual virtual Security Awareness Week (SAW) on behalf of Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) from 6 to 10 February 2023 with the theme “Do Your Part-Be Security Smart.

It is an excellent opportunity to increase security awareness and promote departmental security services for all DND employees and CAF members. Here are some things that we can do every day to uphold Defence security:

  • Store your protected and classified documents appropriately;
  • Use your DWAN computer exclusively for work;
  • Lock your computer no matter how long you plan to step away from your office;
  • Do not plug anything not authorized into your DND/DWAN computer;
  • Avoid clicking on links or opening any attachments that seem suspicious;
  • Keep your DND/CAF issued IT devices safe by not traveling with them unless authorized; and
  • If you have any security related questions about proper security procedures reach out to your Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) or your Unit Security Supervisor (USS).

The online SAW will include a variety of new activities and products to increase visibility by providing important information on the core National Defence Security Orders and Directives elements. These will include: videos presentations on security issues from specialists, infographics, animation motion graphic videos, etc.

To help promote security awareness at all levels, including the unit level, USS, ISSO, security practitioners and employees from the Defence Team who wish to promote security in their workplace may obtain products and information from the DGDS intranet Security Toolkit. To download products, visit the Security Awareness Toolkit page (accessible on the National Defence network). To order promotional items, please fill out this Order Form and send it back to: P-OTG.SECAwareness@intern.mil.ca. You are an important part of keeping all members of our Defence Team secure through VIGILANCE!

Submitted by: The Security Awareness Training and Education Team, Director General Defence Security