The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) reminds the public that the Government of Ontario requires people 12 years and older to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of their vaccination (or vaccination receipt) along with proof of identity to access certain indoor, non-essential businesses and settings.

Individuals can obtain their vaccination receipt by visiting the province’s website, where they can download or print a copy to keep on their person. The proof of vaccination cannot be altered in any way and must include the person’s name, date of vaccination and brand of vaccine at the time of vaccination. The receipt provided to individuals when they received their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine at a clinic may also be used as proof.

Individuals are required to ensure that the information provided to a business to demonstrate proof of vaccination or proof of identification is accurate. Proof of vaccination is not required to receive medical care, food from grocery stores, medical supplies and the like. Those who cannot receive the vaccine due to valid medical reasons and children 11 years and under are exempt.

Requiring proof of vaccination is an important measure to limit COVID-19 transmission and outbreaks, encourage vaccination, and support Ontario’s businesses in remaining open. Resources for businesses and organizations responsible for checking for proof of vaccination and identification from patrons are available on the health unit’s website.

SMDHU reminds the public, regardless of their vaccination status, to follow current public health measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including staying home when feeling ill, maintaining a physical distance of at least 2 metres from those living outside of your household, wearing a mask indoors and outdoors when physical distancing is not possible, covering your cough, and washing your hands regularly.

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