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“How much toilet paper do we need?”

The real question is, are we living in scarcity or abundance?

Throughout the pandemic, there have been several challenges and triumphs. In times of crisis, such as this pandemic, some believed there would not be enough toilet paper to survive and would stockpile toilet paper with the emphasis on scarcity, wanting to accumulate more. But some believed in abundance and were willing to do good in the community and to give, even in difficult times.

A focus on scarcity is tied to our instinct of self-preservation. But this path of self-preservation can lead to feelings of fear, loneliness, and helplessness. According to Walter Brueggemann in his book Money and Possession, there is a recurring predatory economy of self-preservation that can lead to philosophies that only the fittest will survive. However, the counter-narrative that needs to be there is abundance and space. How we pivot from this pandemic is critical.

In contrast to a scarcity mindset, we need to pivot that focus on our common humanity and sharing what we have. Through a focus on community and positivity, an attitude of generosity allows us to shine a light of hope in times of despair. We make things around us a little better by giving to others, especially those in need.

The best part of our day can be when we help someone who can never pay us back. That simple truth doesn’t change, even in tough times.

By: Maj Kwang John Huh, Senior Base Chaplain