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Introducing the RCAF Game Force

A series of Esports tournaments to connect with youth

In celebration of 100 years of service next April the RCAF has partnered with Battlefy, an esports engagement platform, to host a series of esports tournaments.

The RCAF Gameforce initiative aims to connect military members and the public through competitive video games while empowering youth to pursue higher education and tech proficiency.

“RCAF Game Force is an initiative to help Canadians of all ages, ranks, and backgrounds find common ground through video games, while also promoting mental acuity, fine motor coordination, and competitive excellence,” wrote the RCAF in a press release.

Open to the Canadian public and Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, tournaments will be held virtually and in person on most weekends between April and July, with cash prizes ranging from $150 to $350 dollars. Registration is free and can more details be found on the Battlefy website.

The initiative has also gained official chain of command support from Commander of the RCAF, Lieutenant-General Eric Kenny.

According to RCAF Strategic Planner, Captain Aaron Niles, the inclusion of Esports within the military “marks a major milestone” in the integrations of video games into the CAF.

RCAF Game Force Co-Chair, Lieutenant Colonel Adam Stewart said, “Esports is a great way to engage with young Canadians and to share our story of service to Canada.”

“RCAF Game Force is an opportunity to connect with gamers and to communicate the important role the RCAF plays in keeping Canada safe.”

Details of RCAF Game Force can be found here.

By: Caleb Hooper