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Natasha Wood Foundation Enhances Learning at CFB Borden with Generous Book Donation

The Natasha Wood Foundation, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to promoting literacy and creativity among children, is thrilled to announce the successful distribution of 65 activity and reading books to the CFB Borden community.

This generous donation, made possible through the tireless efforts of Fay Maddison, acclaimed author, artist, and CEO of the Natasha Wood Foundation, aims to foster a love for learning and storytelling among young minds.

The Natasha Wood Foundation has a long-standing commitment to enriching the lives of children through literature and creative exploration. The donation of these 65 carefully curated books seeks to provide children at CFB Borden with engaging and educational content that will nurture their imagination, enhance their cognitive skills, and encourage them to explore the world through the magic of reading.

Fay Maddison, the driving force behind this philanthropic initiative, has dedicated herself to promoting literacy and artistic expression among children for years. As a respected author and artist, Maddison understands the transformative power of literature and the arts in shaping young lives. Her vision aligns perfectly with the mission of the Natasha Wood Foundation, and her dedication has made this donation to CFB Borden possible.

“We are excited to bring the joy of reading and creative thinking to the children of CFB Borden through this book donation,” said Fay Maddison. “Books have the incredible ability to transport young minds to new worlds, and we hope that these books will inspire a lifelong love for learning and storytelling.”

The Natasha Wood Foundation’s commitment to improving literacy and nurturing creativity extends beyond the distribution of books. The foundation regularly hosts workshops, events, and programs that encourage children to explore their imagination, develop essential life skills, and build their self-confidence.

The foundation expresses its sincere gratitude to CFB Borden for welcoming this donation and supporting the mission to empower young minds through literature and creativity. The Natasha Wood Foundation looks forward to witnessing the positive impact of these books on the children of CFB Borden and remains steadfast in its dedication to making a difference in the lives of young readers.