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Soldier On initiative provides new opportunities for ill and injured serving CAF members and veterans

Soldier On is launching an initiative that provides new opportunities for ill and injured serving and Veteran soldiers, sailors and aviators. Soldier On members and their family and friends will be able to participate in different events, ranging from bowling to skating and even horseback riding!

“Military families are the strength behind the uniform,” Joe Kiraly, Acting National Manager for Soldier On, says. “Soldier On Family and Friend Days presented by The Personal Insurance Company will bring together the Soldier On community. We hope that it will offer everyone a chance to connect and experience the wider benefits of the program.”

Since 2007, Soldier On has supported over 10,000 ill and injured members using sport, recreational, and creative activities to enable social support, build confidence in their abilities and realize their full potential. Soldier On provides members with a safe environment to challenge themselves and become inspired in ways that they may not have thought possible, contributing to and providing a gateway to enhance ones’ well-being. This re-introduction to an active lifestyle provides opportunities to develop new skills, build confidence and meet peers with similar challenges.

“We hope these events will help Solider On families to build the connections that will be helpful for the long haul. We are so grateful to our sponsor The Personal Insurance Company,” Joe Kiraly added.

The Personal Insurance has been the official home and auto insurance provider for CFMWS since 1986 and continues to deliver a partnership which is of benefit to those who serve – CAF members, Veterans and their families. The Personal Insurance offers customized home and auto insurance options specific to the needs of the Canadian Defence Community.

“The Personal Insurance Company is proud to continue supporting the Defence community by giving ill and injured members a fun, interactive way to spend time with their family and friends,” says Tiffany Marinacci, Senior National Manager – Partnership Development, The Personal Insurance Company.

For any Soldier On members interested in participating in their region, please reach out to your Regional Coordinator for more information.