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Speeding kills: A message from the MPU Borden Team

The Military Police Unit (MPU) Borden is reminding the CFB Borden community that the entirety of the Residential Housing Unit (RHU) area is a posted 40 km/h zone.   

MPU Borden patrol members have continually measured speeds between 60 to 80 km/h in the RHU area, particularly along Somme Blvd. On Nov 14 and 15 MPU Borden members issued offence notices to three drivers where speeds were measured at 70, 73, and 78 km/h in the posted 40 km/h zone. These are but three recent examples. The study referenced below clearly articulates the risks of speeding in residential areas and how even the slightest increase in speed drastically reduces the survivability of pedestrians during accidents.   

“The analyses found that when the estimated impact speed increases by 1 km/h, the odds of a pedestrian fatality increases on average by 11%. The risk of a fatality reaches 5% at an estimated impact speed of 30 km/h, 10% at 37 km/h, 50% at 59 km/h, 75% at 69 km/h and 90% at 80 km/h.” (Qinaat, Hanqin, Raphael, Tom, & Jake, 2019). 


Due to the public safety risk imposed by high vehicle speeds in the RHU area, MPU Borden has instituted a strict approach to speed enforcement. To those who follow the rules – thank you. To those who choose to ignore them, we ask that you respect the safety of our families in our community.  

Do your part to help keep our roads safe. Respect the speed limit.  

By: MPU Borden Team