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Unveiling the Royal Canadian Air Force’s New Eagle Mascot

To foster a sense of identity and leave a lasting legacy, the Canadian Air Force is gearing up to introduce its mascot, an initiative inspired by the iconic Army Run event held in September.

HCol. Andrew Abbott and Col. Maggie Jacula witnessed the impact of Juno, the Army’s mascot, and felt that the Air Force deserved a similar symbol. The decision to adopt a mascot is seen as a great legacy marking the Centennial of the Air Force.

“I am delighted to witness the development of our new Eagle Mascot, a symbol that will undoubtedly enhance the spirit and identity of the Royal Canadian Air Force,” says Col Jacula.

The significance of the chosen mascot, an eagle, holds a special place within the context of the Air Force. The eagle is prominently featured on the Air Force cap badge, symbolizing strength, majesty, and keen vision.

“I am thrilled to invite every military community member to be a part of our exciting journey in naming our new Eagle Mascot. This is a unique opportunity for us to collectively contribute to the identity of our Air Force during its Centennial year,” says Col Jacula. “The naming contest is a chance for creativity to soar, and I encourage everyone to share their ideas for a name that truly captures the spirit of the RCAF.”

The criteria for selecting the final name emphasize inclusivity, bilingualism, and a representation of the essence of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). The selection team is confident that the perfect name will resonate with the spirit and values of the organization, aiming for an unveiling at the end of January. The grand introduction of the mascot is scheduled for Winterlude in early February 2024, making the timely release of the poster crucial for broad awareness.

Looking ahead, the mascot is poised to appear at various RCAF 2024 events across the country, including the RCAF Run, Air Shows, Tulip Festival, and more. The mascot is not just a symbol but a dynamic presence set to create memorable experiences at events throughout the year. To participate or for more information: info@RCAF2024ARC.ca The deadline for entries is January 26, 2024.

By Canadian Forces Newspaper Association