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Welcoming a Rare Piece of Canadian History

Two veterans who assisted in the truck's transportation and delivery to the Base Borden Military Museum commemorate the truck by pouring Canadian beer onto it (Amber Boies/Borden Citizen)

Base Borden Military Museum welcomes a rare military truck in an unusual way

In an unusual welcome ceremony held recently at the Base Borden Military Museum on 24 May, a small group of donors welcomed a rare military truck from World War II as a new addition.  This rare vehicle is known as the wartime Ford F60S 3-ton Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truck.

Several of those who had a hand in bringing the rare piece to the museum previously in the Fall of 2022 welcomed the truck with excitement once again. One of the donors present to commemorate the truck was museum board member and Retired LCol Ralph MacKay.

In a tradition similar to breaking a bottle of champagne on ships, Canadian beer was poured on the truck by those present who had contributed to bringing it into the museum as a way to welcome it.

“This is a working man’s vehicle, so what better way to welcome this vehicle than with a Canadian beer?” said LCol MacKay. 

The wartime Ford F60S 3-ton Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truck that was commemorated (Amber Boies/Borden Citizen)

The vehicle’s journey to Borden was especially challenging due to its size and transport during the pandemic. It took a lot of love, appreciation, and hard work to bring this amazing piece of history to the Base Borden Military Museum.

Dr. Andrew Gregory, Director of the Base Borden Military Museum was thanked for his hard work coordinating the truck being brought to the museum.

“It would not have been possible without the support of the [Royal Canadian Army Service Corps],” said Dr. Gregory. “So you made the dream come alive and for that I am extremely grateful.”

Due to the vehicle’s known history, it is considered very rare despite the fact that Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler of Canada manufactured over 800,000 trucks during the Second World War.

According to a press release issued for the donation, the “post-war disposal program” is what makes this vehicle so rare as it is “attributed to an actual Canadian unit”.

The truck’s service can be traced back to the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps 2nd Canadian Infantry Division Transport Company who used the truck in North-West Europe.

Purchased and restored  by John Marchant of Milton Keynes, England who has now since passed away the truck is in great running condition. There will be a plaque installed later to recognize the donors as well as Mr. Marchant, the original donor.

“We are very fortunate to be able to have this added to the Borden Museum’s holdings, which is a fantastic museum, by the way,” said donor and former Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Pare.

This rare vehicle along with an entire treasure trove of Canadian history can be seen at Base Borden Military Museum which is open with free admission from Monday to Friday from 0900 to 1500 hrs and from 1000 to 1600 hrs on Saturday and Sunday. 

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BY: Amber Boies