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What Black History Month means to me

Being black means that I have to unfortunately continuously fight all the time. It means that I have my work continuously scrutinized, my achievements overlooked and my mistakes amplified. Being black means that prejudice still happens in this day and age. It means that I have to work the hardest, being recognized the least and still being recognized as lazy. It also unfortunately means that sometimes we are often snubbed on issues such as mental health and systemic issues.

If life is a game, then it means that I have started on hard mode.

This is why Black History Month is important for me. It means that these problems are unfortunately not solved and black people had to pull up their sleeves and sometimes more to find a solution to various issues. Black history helps knowing where we came from. It helps knowing what we went through and what we’ve accomplished. Black history is also about being connected with our roots. It is a time when black people can take the time out and see what other before had fought for. It is also a time for rejoicing, celebrating thanking those who gave us hope and remembering those who succeeded.

I understand that being different does not mean that I should forego my origins just to try to “fit in”. The media has put an unfair and negative interpretation of African-American in the media. Black history helped me understand that black Africans have accomplished so much more in terms of technology, philanthropy, culture, music, culinary, you name it.

As a matter of fact, black history makes me proud to be black and one day I will win this game on hard mode.

By: Cpl Marius Baguidy