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2024 Rod and Gun Club Dinner Features Wild Dishes and Prizes

One of two spit fired roasted whole boar that was served after hours of cooking (Caleb Hooper/Borden Citizen)

This year’s Wild Game Dinner featured gourmet eats from all types of game

2024’s Rod and Gun Club Wild Game Dinner was held inside of the Waterloo Officers Mess on 23 March at 1700 hrs where club members from all different backgrounds enjoyed a “Game Night Menu” of dishes featuring some of the wildest meats available.

This year’s menu was put together by Ferndale Catering and included appetizers of ground bison taco bites, kangaroo and venison sliders and venison meatballs. The main dish was a spit fired roasted whole boar and side dishes included red cabbage, glazed carrots, roasted potatoes, maple-glazed brussels sprout with wild boar bacon and a wild rice salad.

A copy of the Wild Game Dinner menu (Caleb Hooper/Borden Citizen)

For dessert was a wild blueberry bread pudding with salted toffee drizzle.

Following the dinner, the Rod and Gun Club held a prize draw for all in attendance that featured dozens of items such as tree stands, crossbows, trail cameras, fishing rods and a Traeger Grills smoker.

With tickets in hand, club members eagerly waited to see if their ticket numbers were selected and one at a time went up to collect a prize.

A big thank you goes out to the kitchen staff who put the menu together for the event, arrived early and stayed late all to serve club members and their loved ones.

Formed in 1946, the Borden Rod and Gun Club has provided its members with fun and enjoyment through a diverse set of sport and activity. As stewards of environmental protection and preservation, the club actively plants trees and shrubs while maintaining and uplifting animal habitats.

The club provides members the ability to hone fishing, hunting and archery skills while enjoying the trails via foot, snowmobile or ATV. There’s something for any outdoor enthusiast and their families to enjoy. There are even year-round activities for younger members of the family such as the annual fishing derby.

For more information on the Rod and Gun Club and what it offers, click here to visit their website.

By: Caleb Hooper