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BBCC hosts Eggstravaganza Easter egg hunt

Children meeting the Easter bunny at Juno Beach Mess on Saturday, 23 March 2024 for the Eggstravaganza event hosted by the Base Borden Community Council

CFB Borden had a peculiar visitor on the morning of 23 March 2024 who hopped his way around the Juno Beach Mess, leaving 1,500 colourful eggs in all sorts of hiding places for nearby families and kids to discover.

The Base Borden Community Council (BBCC) hosted an Eggstravaganza Easter egg hunt that saw a turnout of 77 families and over 100 kids. The Easter bunny himself was present, along with Borden Mayor WO Johnathan Nebel who was excited for the event as it is the first of its kind on Base.

A giant bowl of eggs being emptied in the top floor of Juno Beach Mess for kids to discover (Caleb Hooper/Borden Citizen)

“The BBCC is always looking for ideas to assist in the morale and welfare of the families on the base,” WO Nebel said. “I had realized that we have not had one of these events in a very long time and thought it a great way for kids and parents alike to get out and enjoy a great little hunt within the community.”

For every 10 to 15 eggs that each participant gathered, a set of prizes including chocolates, toys and other goodies were given out in exchange at the “redemption table”. Other activities included colouring pages and a meet and greet with the Easter bunny.

“The reactions of the families and kids that came were amazing, many thanking the council for putting on this event,” said WO Nebel. “They felt more events like this should be done and were very appreciative of the thought and time put into making this event great for the kids.”

The Eggstravagnaza ran for two hours with time slots available from 1000 to 1100 hrs and 1100 to 1200 hrs. Members and their families arrived early in Easter themed attire, costumes and pyjamas with their good bags ready to be filled.

This special community event allowed children of all ages to enjoy the challenge of discovering hidden eggs and collaborating with their loved ones to win prizes.

The BBCC hasn’t done an event of this caliber in many years and wants to carry over the Eggstravaganza turnout and enthusiasm for years to come.

“The Base Borden Community Council would like to thank our community partners, SISIP Financial, Borden Personnel Support Programs and the Borden Family Resource Centre for their donations and support to this event. We would like to thank the Borden Citizen and Mrs Alyssa Truong for photographing the event and last but not least, we would like to thank the military families who came and attended the event and had an amazing time.”

Members seeking more opportunities to be active within the community are encouraged to become members of the BBCC by reaching out to WO Jonathan Nebel at jonathan.nebel@forces.gc.ca or MCpl Matt Bretzer at Matthew.Bretzer@forces.gc.ca.

By: Caleb Hooper