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Beyond Earth Hour: 5 easy ways to keep saving energy

On March 26, 2022 Earth Hour once again kicked off around the world when people began to switch their lights off as part of a global campaign to show their support for the fight on climate change. With roughly 7,000 cities and towns including CFB Borden participating in 150 countries across seven continents, Earth Hour 2022 was a moment to remember.

The organizers of this event asked governments, businesses and individuals to switch off the power for one hour from 2030 hrs – 2130 hrs to show their support for the ongoing fight on climate change. The Hydro One Systems Control Center reported that when compared to a typical Saturday in March, demand for electricity at CFB Borden was reduced by -8%. Event organizers once again stated that the campaign was not about making significant energy reductions across the board, but more about increasing the general public’s awareness about energy conservation.

This campaign was all about making simple changes that collectively make a difference, from businesses turning off their lights when their offices are not occupied, to households turning off their non-essential electronics rather than leaving them on sleep mode. However, we must remember that our commitment is not limited to one specific event. Personnel at all levels should continue to seek opportunities for improving energy efficiency and integrating conservation measures into their daily operations.

Only through the continued vigilance of all CFB Borden military and civilian members can we continue to play a leadership role in sustaining a healthy environment.


Below are some general fuel/energy efficiency tips that you can immediately take advantage of to further combat climate change here at CFB Borden and at home:

Please consider dressing according to the weather and season. You should be able to adjust your layers of clothing before you adjust the thermostat.

Please shut off your computer monitors during break times and lunch time. If everyone on Base shut off their monitors during their breaks and lunch time, CFB Borden would save an estimated $11,000/yr. These energy savings would be equivalent to the CO2 emissions from 217 barrels of oil consumed.   

Remove excess weight from your vehicle. Don’t drive around with unnecessary items in your vehicle especially if they are heavy ones. If you drive around with an extra 100 pounds of weight in your automobile its specific fuel economy will be reduced by up to 2%.

Keep the shipping doors closed when they are not in use. Statistics show that one shipping door can exhaust as much as 35% of the treated air to the outdoors in a 20-minute time span.   

Use task lighting (e.g., Table Lamps for reading) where it is appropriate so that activities can be carried out without over illuminating entire rooms.

By: Alex Savu, Energy Manager, RP Ops Det Borden