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Volunteer of the month (April 2022): Ashley Zinn

While most of us were trying to avoid people during the pandemic, Ashley Zinn decided it was the perfect time to start volunteering.

As recreation programs slowly started up again for children in September 2021 at CFB Borden, there was a shortage of volunteers to help with vaccine certificate screening.

Zinn quickly stepped up, offered her services, and never looked back.

“I was just initially asked to help out with one activity and then decided I could just keep helping out,” Zinn says. “It was fun to see the kids having fun and getting to know some of them as it was a lot of the same kids and parents doing different activities.”

Having someone such as Zinn during a challenging time was extremely helpful to those running the various recreational programs and she quickly became a go-to person.

“She enjoyed helping us out so much that she actually asked about other events she could help with,” says Cheryl-Lynn Miller, Manager Community Recreation PSP, Base Borden. “We took her up on her offer and she ended up helping us with our Halloween Spooky Sprints and Santa Skate.” She also assisted with basketball, gymnastics and dance programs.

Miller says families have come to appreciate seeing a familiar face as they attempt to find some normalcy again. What many may not realize is that Zinn’s involvement allowed programs to be more cost effective.

“She actually allowed us to keep our rates reasonable for military families,” says Miller. “If she hadn’t stepped in we would have had to bring in a staff member to be in compliance so she’s made a very big difference.”

Zinn, a Master Sailor, says she’s happy to help and enjoys taking an active role on the base and plans to continue volunteering for as long as she can.

Do you know a volunteer who is making a difference? Let us thank them. Nominations are open for the CANEX Volunteer Profile of the Month.

Source: CAFConnection.ca