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Peril in Paradise: A New Sci-Fi Thriller by local author Zanne Raby

Suzanne Raby holding her new sci-fi novel Peril in Paradise, 2023 (Courtesy of Suzanne Raby)

If you are looking for a gripping sci-fi adventure that will take you to the edge of the galaxy, you might want to check out Peril in Paradise, the latest novel by military veteran Zanne Raby. 

Peril in Paradise is the fourth installment in the series “The Chronicles of Deneb”, which follows the exploits of Daniel Radu and his crew, fugitives from a dying Earth who seek a new home among the stars. In this novel, they face an existential threat on the beautiful tropical planet Cepheus-9, where they have settled among an advanced Indigenous population. But their peaceful existence is shattered when the Collective discovers their true origins and launches a deadly hunt. Daniel and his crew must use deception and courage to survive the peril in paradise, while struggling with his own guilt and remorse.  

Raby, who retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force after 38 years of service, says she draws inspiration from her own experiences and postings across North America, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. She says she enjoys writing sci-fi because it allows her to explore different themes and scenarios that reflect the current issues and challenges of our world. 

“I think sci-fi is a great genre to address topics like climate change, bioengineering, colonization, identity, and morality. It gives me a lot of creative freedom to imagine new worlds, cultures, and technologies. I try to make my stories realistic and relatable, but also exciting and entertaining,” she says. 

Raby says she started writing “The Chronicles of Deneb” as a hobby after retirement, but soon realized she had a passion for storytelling. She says she has received positive feedback from her readers, who appreciate her vivid descriptions, complex characters, and fast-paced plots. 

Peril in Paradise was released on 5 December 2023 and is available on Amazon and www.ridgecrestbooks.com.  

Raby is currently working on Spirits of Steel, which will continue the saga of Daniel and his crew.