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CFB Borden/MPGTG Command Team Remembrance Day Statement

Pause. Reflect. Remember.

Every year, Canadians across the country are asked to take time out of their day to remember on the 11th of November. Canadians make this time available because we need to remember all that has happened. We cannot afford to forget the sacrifices that have been made that have brought us here today.

At CFB Borden, and throughout the Military Personnel Generation Training Group, we are in the unique position of being responsible for training thousands of members every year. For many of these new Canadian Armed Forces members, the training centres found throughout Borden and the Formation serve as their first exposure to military life and its culture. It is therefore incumbent upon all of us to pass along not just our expertise and knowledge, but also to impart why our history is so important to remember.

Over 2,300,000 Canadians have worn the uniform of the Canadian Armed Forces. Among them, more than 118,000 members laid down their lives in service to Canada. These are not just numbers on a page; each one of these Canadians have a story, a history, and their sacrifices impacted countless lives. It is imperative that we never forget the price that was paid and the sacrifices that will continue to be made to safeguard Canada, Canadians and our allies.

On November 11th, we collectively as a nation come together to honour this sacrifice. For those who may feel isolated during this time; for those who see their family, friends, and colleagues struggling; reach out. Extend that helping hand and remind each other: you are not alone.

For those that have served; for those that continue to serve; and for those that made the ultimate sacrifice; we salute you.

We shall not forget