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CO Personnel Support Unit, CFB Borden – Christmas Message 2022

Once again it is our distinct pleasure to deliver our warmest wishes to the Borden Community from the Personnel Support Services Command Team.

It has been a busy year getting back into our full support functions after the impact of COVID, and learning how to support our training environments as they transitioned back to in garrison learning. In order to better reflect the services provided here at CFB Borden, our unit name was changed from Administrative Services to Personnel Support Services, as the new name is inclusive of all support functions.

We quickly learned during the height of the pandemic that those who are employed in direct support positions such as kitchen staff, cleaning, security, and other front-line support, there is no “work from home” option while there is a need for real life support functions. We are very fortunate to have such dedicated, diligent employees who understand their essential support cannot be substituted and we greatly appreciate all of our team. 

We are continuing to work hard to find more ways to better support our military members as they conduct their training, there are many interesting projects in the works that will allow our members to move around the base, feel comfortable in their accommodations, and have alternate locations to go and socialize. The coming months should bring some exciting announcements.

On behalf of CWO D. Thomas and myself, we wish all of you a warm and joyful holiday season.  It has been a real honour to serve alongside all of you and we look forward to continuing to serve with you well into the New Year.