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Community and military commemorate day of support together

Fallen peacekeepers were remembered during the laying of the wreaths. | Les Casques bleus tombés au combat ont été commémorés lors du dépôt des couronnes. (Photo : Emily Nakeff)

National Peacekeeper’s Day was marked on 9 August with a gathering of community, Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and special guests at Peacekeeper’s Park in Angus. 

Held annually on 9 August to mark the greatest single-day loss of Canadian lives on a peacekeeping mission, the day honours military, police and civilians who play a role in peacekeeping, security and human rights around the world. 

“Their meaningful contributions have had a direct and positive impact on the lives of people affected by conflict, and we owe them and their families our unwavering support and our most profound gratitude,” said Col D. L. Taylor, 16 Wing Commander. 

Essa Township Mayor Sandie Macdonald also spoke at the event. 

“For those of us who have never served, we can only shake your hand, support you, smile, and thank you,” said Mayor Macdonald. “For your service, for defending our country in time of war, in time of peace, for defending our freedom abroad.”

125,000 Canadian peacekeepers have participated in dozens of international efforts around the globe. Those who have lost their lives in service to their country are named on the Roll of Honour wall at the entrance to the park, where wreaths were laid in their memory during the ceremony. 

By: Emily Nakeff, Editor