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I tried indoor cycling with the F&S team – this is how it went

PSP Borden Fitness & Sports instructor Alexandra Vandal warms up for Noon Fitness indoor cycling, held Tuesdays from 1200-1245 hrs. (Photo: Emily Nakeff, Borden Citizen) / Alexandra Vandal, monitrice de conditionnement physique et de sports des PSP Borden, s’échauffe pour le cours de cardiovélo, l’un des cours offerts le midi, qui a lieu les mardis de 12 h à 12 h 45. (Photo : Emily Nakeff, Borden Citizen)

PSP offers free fitness classes Monday to Thursday. I tested them out so you know what to expect.

One of the most common reasons people avoid indoor cycling (also known as spin) class is because they’re afraid they’re not fit enough.

Never fear—in the words of Fitness & Sports instructor Alexandra Vandal, they’ll meet you wherever you are, no matter your fitness level. I can personally attest to this. I jumped in after two months away from the gym, having done nothing but dog walking and feeling wholly unprepared. Not only did I keep up, but I was able to move just fine the next day.

5 benefits of spin

  • Low impact
  • Relieves stress
  • Increases cardiovascular fitness
  • Conditions leg muscles and promotes physical resilience
  • Burns calories and promotes a healthy body composition
Noon Fitness indoor cycling hill workout. (Photo: Emily Nakeff, Borden Citizen)

The workout

Like all Noon Fitness classes, it varies from week to week. This time it was a hill workout! (Who knew you could simulate hill climbs on a stationary bike?)

For the first “hill” we started at a low gear, targeting 100-110 rotations per minute (RPM). Every minute, the gear was increased by one for ten minutes, followed by a short rest. The second hill started on a slightly higher gear, adding one every 45 seconds with a slightly lower RPM target. We continued this for two more hills, always starting on a higher gear and reducing the RPM target, while also decreasing the time between gear increases.

What to bring

  • Well-fitting running shoes
  • Plenty of water (seriously, bring LOTS. You will need it.)
  • Sweat bands or small towel

My experience

  • Since I’d done spin a couple of times before through Noon Fitness, I was comfortable heading in—but knew to brace myself for 45 minutes of hard work. I wasn’t wrong. I also didn’t fall off my bike or have to give up at any point, and it’s all in how they structure the class.
  • Fun, loud music kept the energy high throughout the workout. And the regular encouragement from Alexandra didn’t hurt!
  • You control the intensity of your workout. You set your starting gear, which determines the amount of resistance (the higher the gear, the harder you have to pedal), and the instructor coaches you on when to increase the resistance by increasing that gear according to the target RPM (rotations per minute).
  • Thanks to a guided warm up and cool down, I avoided any major muscle pain the next day. I especially appreciated it since I’m not experienced with spinning and didn’t know the best way to prepare for what I knew would be an intense class.
  • Next day soreness level: Higher awareness of my leg muscles, especially when going up stairs. Still able to move without any limitations.

Spin was a great energy and mood booster that helped me tackle the rest of the work day with gusto.

PSP Borden Fitness & Sports instructor Alexandra Vandal guides a Noon Fitness indoor cycling class. (Photo: Emily Nakeff, Borden Citizen)

Stay tuned for my next recap!

Noon Fitness schedule

12:00 – 12:45 p.m.

  • Monday – pilates/core
  • Tuesday – indoor cycling
  • Wednesday – yoga
  • Thursday – circuit training

By: Emily Nakeff, Editor