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International Volunteer Day 2022 on December 5th : A time for solidarity through volunteering

The value and impact of volunteers is celebrated every day of the year, however a special day is set aside each year to mark the contribution of volunteers to making the world a better place to live in.

This year’s International Volunteer Day (on December 5th) is focused on the theme of solidarity through volunteering. 

The Borden Family Resource Centre would like to acknowledge and thank all of its volunteers for their commitment in supporting the vision and mission of the Centre.  BFRC Volunteers are truly the backbone of the organization.  

By highlighting the impact volunteers are already having on their communities, International Volunteer Day is also an opportunity to encourage more people to think how they can volunteer within their own communities. The Centre recognizes the invaluable contribution volunteers are already making and encourage more community members to join them.     

For more information on volunteering at the Borden Family Resource Centre, please call 705 424 1200 ext. 3994 or email  – bordenfamilyresourcecentre@gmail.com, attn: Volunteer Services.