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Keep the future bright, turn off the light

The continuing use of fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil and coal are directly related to the steady increase of carbon dioxide levels in our planet’s atmosphere. Increased levels of carbon dioxide are a major contributor to climate change. By getting accustomed to use energy wisely, we can curtail the demand for fossil fuels that in turn will reduce the amount of CO2 emissions in our atmosphere.

If there is any piece of good news surrounding this whole global warming topic, it is that this phenomenon is not our fault due to lack of information. Scientific evidence illustrates that we were on the climate change path well before we fully understood the consequence of global warming back in the 80’s. Even if we had brought our fossil fuel consumption to a screeching halt twenty years ago, the amount of CO2 buildup that had already accumulated in our atmosphere would have brought us to the same result that we are witnessing today. What this boils down to is not that our actions don’t matter, but rather that they make all the difference in keeping our global climate crisis from getting even worse.

Below are some energy conservation tips that you can immediately take advantage of, to stay warm, keep the Base electricity consumption low and reduce strain on the electrical grid:

  • To save energy this winter, try to keep the exterior and freight doors closed as much as possible while the building is being heated.
  • Choose settings that automatically switch the computer monitor into sleep mode when it has not been worked on for an extended period of time. Shorten the delay time before your monitor automatically goes into sleep mode.
  • If possible keep vents closed in unoccupied areas to prevent unnecessary heating of storage areas.

Below are some home energy conservation tips that you can immediately take advantage of to conserve electricity and keep money in your pockets:

  • During the heating season, take advantage of the sun’s energy by opening your drapes during the day, in order to capture the warmth and close them at night to prevent unwanted heat loss.
  • Be sure to check your furnace filter every month, if it is dirty replace it right away. Having a dirty furnace filter restricts the airflow through the heating system, which in turn increase your electrical consumption.  In addition a dirty furnace filter contains many dust particles/mites that are circulating throughout your home while it is being heated.  This gives way to unwanted air born illnesses that could occur.
  • In order for your water heater to be as energy efficient as possible it is a good idea to purchase an insulation jacket for your tank ($15-$20). In addition it is also recommended to insulate the pipes that are entering your water heater for increased savings.    

By: Alex Savu, Energy Manager, RP Ops Det Borden