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Message from the Commander CFB Borden – Earth Hour 2024

CFB Borden is committed to reducing its overall impact on the environment through energy conservation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  Meeting these goals requires the active participation of all personnel and students at CFB Borden.

Last March, CFB Borden reinforced its environmental commitment by once again being an official participant in the Earth Hour campaign.  Earth Hour is an international initiative that aims to increase awareness of global climate change by encouraging participants to switch off non-essential lighting and electrical devices for one hour.  The result is a powerful demonstration of the importance of our individual actions in contributing to the overall goal of environmental sustainability.

Earth Hour 2024 will be held on 23 March 2024 from 2030 to 2130 hrs.  All CFB Borden personnel are asked to switch off non-essential lighting and electrical devices before leaving work on the Friday prior to Earth Hour.  Equipment will be turned back on upon return to work on Monday morning.  All staff, students and residents on Base are also encouraged to participate at home during Earth Hour.  

I am proud to have CFB Borden participate in the Earth Hour initiative.  However, we must remember that our environmental commitment is not limited to one hour, one day, or to one event.  Personnel at all levels should continue to seek opportunities for improving energy efficiency and integrating conservation measures into their daily operations.  Single actions of energy conservation will result in a small change; however, when done in conjunction with other energy saving actions, they can change the world.

Some simple things that can be done all year long that make a difference include:

  1. Do not let vehicles idle unnecessarily (as outlined in BBSAI 108).
  2. Use large household appliances during off-peak hours to reduce the electrical load on the power grid.
  3. Replace incandescent and halogen lights with LED replacements.
  4. Install a programmable thermostat and reduce energy consumption when nobody is home.
  5. Replace the air filter on your furnace on a regular basis (i.e. quarterly).  An easy way to remember: When the season changes change your furnace filter.
  6. Use a toaster oven or air fryer instead of your stove oven.

By working to enact change and pooling our individual efforts together, CFB Borden military and civilian members can continue to play a leadership role in sustaining a healthy environment for the future generations to come.

By: Colonel Jonathan Michaud, Commander CFB Borden and MPGTG