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Energy conservation and environmental stewardship are hot buttons these days as oil prices climb and our natural resources continue to deplete. Read articles related to conserving energy here.

It’s a bright idea to conserve energy this New Year!

If the effects of global warming continue as it has been predicted by environmental scientists, roughly 20% of the earth’s vegetation and animal life...

50/50 Winner Announced! | Le gagnant du concours 50/50 est annoncé!

The NDWCC had its third and final draw on Wednesday, 8 December at CFB Borden’s HQ building. The lucky winner was Mr. Robert James...

Ho Ho Hold the Holiday Energy Waste | Ho ho holà le gaspillage d’énergie...

Version française Arguably one of the most imperative problems facing the world today is how to maintain a steady economic growth without having negative effects...

6 Fall Energy Saving Tips 

The continued use of fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil and coal are directly related to the steady increase of carbon dioxide levels...

Conserve, it’s in Your Hands

Knowing when and how you are using your energy is the first step to becoming energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The focal point of...

Conserve Energy with These 6 Simple Tips

Over the past few years energy conservation has once again become a colossal issue in Canada and throughout the world, with extensive media coverage...

Summer Beautification Contest

RHU Residents! After having the privilege of driving around base and seeing the hard work a lot of you have put into making your homes...

Real Property Operations Detachment Water System Flushing

Real Property Operations Detachment will be conducting their ongoing water system flushing program from 13 Sept to 15 Oct 2021. This flushing procedure will cause...

Base Borden LED Pilot Project Leads to 80% Energy Reduction

As worldwide attention focuses on the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to global warming and preserve our ever-changing environment, energy conservation has...

6 Easy Energy Conservation Tips for at Work and at Home

Over the past few years, energy conservation has once again become a colossal issue in Canada and throughout the world, with extensive...
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