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National Youth Week May 1-7, 2023

The first Youth Week was held in Canada in 1995, with a handful of events scattered throughout the country. The initiative has gathered momentum ever since, and today, it is celebrated annually in many countries around the world.

Our youth are an asset to our communities, and they are the key to our collective future. They are often students but also teachers and leaders in their own right, helping to instruct and inform others in meaningful ways.  National Youth Week is designed to express appreciation for youth and their active participation in the community. Youth are involved in recreation, volunteerism, arts, and sports, creating meaningful activities and spaces for their peers. 

This year, the Borden Family Resource Centre asked Centre Volunteer Hannah Denman to share with us her experiences with the Borden Family Resource Centre Volunteer Program.

My name is Hannah Denman and I would like to share some of my experiences with volunteering at the Borden Family Resource Centre (BFRC). Volunteering at the BFRC has been a fantastic opportunity for me as it is a very calm atmosphere, and all staff are very friendly making it a very welcome and safe environment as soon as you walk in. It has a welcoming atmosphere and there is always someone around to answer any questions and to make you feel welcomed.

While volunteering, I was able to meet many military members and families as I helped with clearing them in and out due to their postings. The BFRC offers many programs for families, and I enjoyed seeing the families enjoy themselves. It is wonderful to see that they have a place to go and meet new people and be themselves during stressful times or just to get away.

The Centre wishes to say thank you to Hannah and all the youth in the Borden community who are giving of their time and energy.  The Centre sees you, and you make a difference!