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Padre’s Corner: Unspectacular seeds, spectacular outcomes

The beautiful Wanaka Tree lives and thrives out of what seems to be impossible circumstances.

This anomaly in New Zealand’s Wanaka region seemingly grows out of the water itself, changing with the seasons, and inspiring New Zealanders and tourists alike. 

The funny thing is that the elegant Wanaka tree didn’t come from ‘nowhere’, it simply came from unlikely circumstances. In the early 1900’s a willow tree was cut down to make fence posts that would be pounded into the sand of Lake Wanaka. Years later, out of one of the fence posts branches began to sprout and grow into what would inevitably become a unique and beautiful tree.  Against the odds, a fence post that was intended as a barrier ironically grew into a tree that brings people together. The fence is gone, but the Wanaka tree remains.

I am reminded when I think of the Wanaka tree of how it relates to life. Many foundational moments, or seeds that are planted, aren’t always apparent or even noteworthy. Most of the fence posts that were pounded into the lake Wanaka were unspectacular and only one grew something worthwhile, only one acted as a seed and grew something beautiful. Much like a benign fence post sitting in the water, we have the potential to plant seeds and positively grow, and to even influence those around us. The good seeds we plant today may seem unspectacular at first, but with time there’s no telling what might come of them.

By: Lt(N) Colleen Raja, BTL – Personnel Support Services (PSS)