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Chaplain’s Corner: Sentinel program and care giving

Are you in a place where you feel you would like to talk and have someone really listen to you?

Chaplains have the great opportunity to help people and provide care. This is private and confidential. There are also other professional care givers on base and in the local area. “Sentinels” are non-professional peer care givers who are there to help and could very well being right next door to you at work.

Since 2016 Chaplains have also been given the new opportunity to train Sentinels as peer advisors. This team of people is a “non-professional” group who receive training on care and support of others. They take a one-day training course led by chaplains. This course has been offered recently on base in several units. In recent weeks my heart has been warmed by yet another group of members from my own units that came to be trained as a Sentinel. I have found a great amount of support for this program at Base Borden. I have always enjoyed seeing a willing and enthusiastic group of CAF members ready to learn how to join a team of people trained to listen, support, and refer members to place where they can receive help and assistance right in the workplace. As we embrace culture evolution in the CAF the aspect of care and support at work will help in creating a better place to come to work each day.

When I think about my own experience in life, I have been very thankful for people who take the time to listen to my concerns and provide support to me personally. If you are feeling like you could benefit from some support, take a step, and reach out to a Sentinel, Chaplain or other care giver and discover the benefit of being cared for by having someone listen to you.

By: Maj Bob Lay, Senior Base Chaplain