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R.I.D.E. Message from the Military Police

The festive season is fast approaching and the Borden Military Police Team would like to remind motorists of the dangers of impaired driving and the zero tolerance approach to impaired driving related offences. 

While many drivers are aware of their responsibility not to operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol or cannabis, many are unaware of the similar offence of Care and Control. Care and Control falls under the realm of impaired driving offences. Care and Control occurs when someone is sitting in or even standing next to a motor vehicle while impaired with the ability to set the vehicle in motion. This includes having keys in their hands or in the vehicle where they could easily access them. 

While some may believe they are doing the right thing by sleeping it off or waiting for the effects of alcohol to diminish, should police find someone impaired and in care and control of a motor vehicle, they will be arrested and charged under the Criminal Code of Canada. Charges of impaired operation of a motor vehicle, driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher, and care and control come with series penalties which include: 

  • a Criminal record; 
  • a fine of $1000 to $2000 for first offence; 
  • an immediate roadside suspension of 90 days; 
  • an immediate tow and impoundment of the vehicle in use for 7 days; 
  • driver licence reinstatement fees; 
  • rise in insurance; 
  • Military members will also have their 404’s suspended and may be deemed non-deployable as a Criminal record could prohibit someone from entering some countries.