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Royal Canadian Army Cadets Celebrating Ontario Cadet Week


Members of the 2408 Canadian Forces Logistics Training Centre (CFLTC) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (RCACC) are excited to be celebrating Ontario Cadet week taking place from October 2 until October 7, 2022.

The goal of this week is to increase awareness and understanding of the Cadet Program in Ontario as well as highlight how 2408 CFLTC RCACC is an important part of the local CFB Borden and Angus community.

The Cadet Program is a peer-led program open to all youth aged 12-18 years, designed to provide a challenging environment focused on unique activities that will leave a lifelong impact. The Cadet Program prides itself in developing confident, self-sufficient leaders who are engaged in their communities, while promoting physical fitness and healthy, active living. The Cadet Program is open to Canadian youth from all walks of life and aims to build a sense of citizenship, leadership, community service and other foundational life skills that benefit the cadet’s local communities and the careers they choose to pursue.

Local youth are invited to attend and join us and build a positive bond with other youth and the community.

The 2408 CFLTC RCACC meets on Thursday evenings at 1830 hrs at CFB Borden, Building E-41, 135 Ortona Road.