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Buell Gym Weight Room Gets Facelift

Nouvel équipement à l’intérieur du Centre de conditionnement physique et aquatique Buell (Caleb Hooper/Borden Citizen)

New plates, cables, barbells and dumbbells have just landed at the Buell Fitness and Aquatic Centre

The Buell Gym Fitness and Aquatic Centre is home to an array of dedicated exercise rooms, with the most recent upgrades being the machines, dumbbells and cables in the weight room as of 27 October.

Base Commander Colonel Jonathan Michaud, Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Robert Wilcox and Honorary Colonel Jennifer Armstrong were present to celebrate the arrival of the new machines; a highly anticipated moment for members missing the gym since its temporary closure.

The brand new, state-of-the-art equipment comes from Hammer Strength and is garnished in a red leather on all benches and seats with black painted steel that reinforce the machine frames.

As the equipment is new, PSP’s Fitness and Sports department want to remind anyone using the facility of the gym etiquette required to maintain the space’s functionality and equipment quality.

From left to right: CWO Thomas, CO PSP LCol Cathcart, CPO 1 Wilcox, Sports Maintainer, PSP Les Gilson, A/Senior Manager, PSP Wendy Miller, Fitness and Sports Manager, PSP Chuck Wilson, Base Commander Col Michaud and Honorary Col Armstrong inside the Buell Gym’s upgraded weight room (Caleb Hooper/Borden Citizen)

This list includes things such as re-racking weights, wearing appropriate attire and refraining from damaging the new equipment.

Below is a list of guidelines and rules to upkeep while using the weight room.

Weight Room Etiquette:

1. Leave all personal belongings in a locker or secure place.

2. Abide by new dress policy, including wearing proper footwear.

3. Return each piece of equipment to its appropriate location after use. This includes weight plates, dumbbells and other equipment.

4. Clean and wipe down the equipment after each use.

5. Dropping weights in the weight room is prohibited.

6. Encourage each other to be accountable and responsible.

If you haven’t visited yet, check out the upgraded weight room at building T-118, 122 Ramillies Rd.

For updates regarding ongoing initiatives on CFB Borden be sure to check out the Base Commander’s initiatives page, here to learn more about what changes are coming to your community.

BY: Caleb Hooper