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Chaplain’s Corner: The Power of Perspective

In more recent years, I am struck by how powerful our perspective on a situation or circumstance can be. One of the helpful evidence-based modalities utilized often in psychotherapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The theory recognizes the impact of the way we think about things on both the emotions we feel and, ultimately, our behavioural response. If the way that we are thinking about something changes in a helpful way (often called “reframing”), how we are feeling about it can be changed positively as well. Then our behavioural response can begin moving things in a more helpful direction.  

What I’m suggesting isn’t simply a “mind over mater” strategy, but proactively considering what positives actually exist, or may result, from the situation or circumstances. What strengths do you have (that have been evident at other times and through other life circumstances you have faced) to respond that you need to be reminded of? I’m also not suggesting that negative thoughts or difficult emotions about our situation should be denied or ignored. They are often valid, and they are real. But let’s not allow those negative thoughts and emotions to dominate, or to be what directs our behavioural response. 

New information can significantly change the way we are thinking and feeling about something, and that new information can come through a change in perspective, in looking at things from a different angle.  So, let me leave you with these questions: Where, currently in your life, can you go to gain a different and helpful perspective? Does it come, for you, through times of solitude, or a long walk outdoors? Are there trusted people in your life who can help provide a positive change in perspective?

By Capt Graham Lawrence: Graham is a CFB Borden Chaplain and a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with the CRPO