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Padre’s Corner: ‘Tis the Season

The season is upon us. No, not that one. The other season – posting season.

For CAF members, this time of year can get stress levels up, with posting plots being finalized, and members finding out if, or where, they will be posted this year. For those not anticipating a move, there’s the uncertainty of who will be posted in as new co-workers.

Change isn’t always easy, but it is a constant. We know changes will happen, so how do we manage change well? I may not be a leading expert in the area, and most of us have heard all this before, but I offer you a few things which have proven beneficial to me as a reminder:

  1. As much as possible, maintain a healthy sense of humour. Laughter has some great health benefits, including reducing stress hormones and elevating endorphins (https://www.usa.edu/blog/how-laughter-can-relieve-stress/).
  2. Take note of what you can control – how you use free time, how much and what type of media you take in, what values you hold as vital, etc.
  3. Maintain healthy habits. Fitness, nutrition, reading, hobbies, time connecting with loved ones, etc., sometimes slip during busier, high stress times. But these are the things that will keep you grounded, provide balance, and reduce stress.
  4. Most importantly, remind yourself of the “why” – that is, have a sense of purpose and meaning. Go back to what motivates you, what your goals are, and what brings a sense of accomplishment and value. Write them down if you need to. Have a mission, a goal, something you look to a say, “that matters”.

As moves happen, may you find some calm, and renewal. Change can be a difficult process at times, but with it comes potential.

By: Capt Graham Ware