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Celebrate Nutrition Month in March by embracing Canada’s food guidelines!

Transform your plate with half filled with vibrant vegetables and fruits, a quarter dedicated to protein foods, and another quarter for wholesome whole grains. Swap sugary drinks for water to stay refreshed.

Canada’s Dietary Guidelines recommend regular intake of the nutritious foods that are commonly found in patterns of eating linked with beneficial effects on health.

Consuming a variety of nutritious foods every day is important to help meet the many nutrient needs.

Among these nutritious foods, certain types are particularly important to include regularly to help meet the need for specific nutrients. One way of helping to meet nutrient needs across different life stages is to encourage the consumption of:

  • dark green vegetables every day
  • orange vegetables a few times a week
    • encourage adult males and individuals who are breastfeeding to consume them most days of the week
  • a variety of whole grains, whole grain foods and whole wheat foods every day
  • a variety of protein foods including
    • legumes or tofu every day
    • nuts or seeds every day
  • foods that contain mostly unsaturated fat every day
    • encourage these foods throughout the day for young children
  • food sources of calcium every day
    • encourage children, adolescents, adult females and older adults to choose a variety of food sources of calcium, including those that have a high calcium content
  • a daily dietary source of vitamin D
    • encourage people between 2 and 50 years of age to incorporate foods that contain vitamin D into their daily diet or to take a daily supplement containing vitamin D
    • advise adults 51 years of age and older to take a daily supplement containing 400 IU (10 mcg) of vitamin D

Join health promotion events in March, spot your team at dining halls, and explore valuable resources from Dieticians of Canada. Have questions? Reach out to your local health promotion team at cfmws.com or bordenhealthpromotion@gmail.com for further guidance. Cheers to a healthier you!