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PSS Parade Recognizes Outstanding Members and Staff

CO LCol Cathcart addressing parade members inside the Buell Field House before giving out awards (Cpl Kingerski/Borden Base Imagery)

Members of the PSS unit were celebrated and decorated for going above the call of duty

Personnel Support Services (PSS) at Base Borden gathered into the Buell Field House to recognize the efforts of the unit by decorating its outstanding members with medals, promotions and commendations following a parade.

Commanding Officer of PSS, LCol Natalie Cathcart and CWO Dan Thomas were present to command a marching parade prior to disseminating the awards while PSS and PSP staff observed the demonstration from the bleachers inside.

The first medal given away was the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) to Petty Officer 1st Class Keith Incitti who was awarded for completing 12 years of service with a good record of conduct.                                                             

“The Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) is awarded to officers and non-officer personnel of the Canadian Forces in recognition of 12 years of service,” the MC announced. “It is awarded without regard to rank, but recipients must have a good conduct record. A clasp shall be awarded for every subsequent period of 10 years of qualifying service.”

PO1 Incitti receiving the Canadian Forces Decoration from LCol Cathcart and CWO Thomas (Cpl Kingerski/Borden Base Imagery)

After Basic Training in St. Jean PO1 Incitti completed RQ Pte training in CFB Borden and was posted to CFB Esquimalt to start their career as a Cook. He returned to Borden in 2008 working in R&QSS and CFLTC Food Services Training Cadre. He made his way back to CFB Esquimalt for a few more years, only to return to Borden in 2019.

Following the CD, was the General Service Medal (GSM) with Expedition to recognize the direct support provided by a member to an operation in the presence of an armed enemy.

Captain Graham Ware was presented the GSM with Expedition ribbon for his service in Kuwait from 15 January, 2023 to 3 February, 2023 as part of OP IMPACT.

Chaplain Capt Ware receiving the General Service Medal with Expedition ribbon from LCol Cathcart (Cpl Kingerski/Borden Base Imagery)

Capt Ware joined the CAF as a Chaplain in March 2016 in the Army Reserves with 31 Service Battalion, where he served for over five years, and completed BMOQ and Chaplain DP1 courses.  While serving with the reserves, he was able to deploy on a domestic operation, OP LASER in 2020.

He completed his component transfer to the Regular Force in 2021 and was posted to CFB Borden where he has served with several units. Capt Ware has been married for 17 years to his spouse Jenelle and they have three children, Abigail (13), Karyss (11) and Mhaili (9). 

5th Canadian Division Support Command Team Commendation

CO of PSS, LCol Cathcart presented a 5th Canadian Division Support Base Commander Commendation to Cpl Haneum Choi on behalf of the 5 CDSB Comd in Gagetown, N.B.

As Cpl Choi came forward, the reason for his commendation was explained by the MC.

Cpl Choi obtaining the 5th Canadian Division Support Command Team Commendation from LCol Cathcart and CWO Thomas (Cpl Kingerski/Borden Base Imagery)

“Cpl Choi demonstrated superb leadership and professionalism and his commitment to the team effort is inspiring,” the MC explained.

“Cpl Choi has proven to be a reliable individual capable of successfully accepting and accomplishing challenges above that expected of his rank. Cpl Choi is a truly valued member of the Foods Services team and a great credit to PSP Gagetown.”


Former Master Corporal, Jason Morphy was recognized for his evolving careers since joining the CAF in 2006 as a shift cook to now holding a position of IC Production at Curtiss Kitchen. He was promoted from Master Corporal to Sergeant.

Born in Fergus, Ont.  Sergeant Morphy completed a one-year Culinary Apprenticeship Program for cooks at George Brown College in the Culinary and Hospitality program where he worked at many Food Service establishments prior to joining the CAF. 

Sgt Morphy being promoted from Master Corporal to Sergeant (Cpl Kingerski/Borden Base Imagery)

Sgt Morphy joined the CAF as a cook in 2006 and was posted to CFB Borden as a shift cook. In 2013 he was posted to 2 RCR in Gagetown, N.B.  As part of a field unit, he learned to operate all field type vehicles and trade specific equipment and returned to CFB Borden in 2016.

Commanding Officer’s Coins 

LCol Cathcart presented four recipients with challenge coins for their own personal efforts in representing the unit with pride.

Warrant Officer Commissionaire Thorne, RQSS

CM Thorne is the Maintenance Team Supervisor at R&QSS and he consistently supports his staff with strong leadership in addition to being a steadfast professional.

CM Thorne effectively communicates all stages of projects to stakeholders through verbal and email communication.

Recipient of the first CO’s coin, WO CM Thorne alongside LCol Cathcart and CWO Thomas (Cpl Kingerski/Borden Base Imagery)

With several scheduled VIP tours to CFB Borden Accommodations, CM Thorne was there to assist and answer questions from VIP guests with honest, concise answers while displaying vast knowledge of all facilities.

Corporal Lightowlers, R&QSS

On short notice, Cpl Lightowlers volunteered to be the PSS unit representative for Terry Fox and organised a bake sale, raising over $1000 for cancer research.

Her generosity and support are an encouraging reminder of why this fundraiser is a great success every year. Cpl Lightowlers is often one of the first people to raise their hand to volunteer, whether it is something over and above her regular duties or to help and support their team in daily tasks.

Recipient of the PSS coin from CO LCol Cathcart, Cpl Lightowlers alongside CWO Thomas (Cpl Kingerski/Borden Base Imagery)

She displays leadership qualities beyond her current rank and is an important part of the Food Services Team and PSS and is worthy of recognition.

Master Seaman Reid, Pers Admin

Recently posted into PSS, MS Reid has been assisting Pay & Rcds with pay review since her arrival and has taken over as BTL Supervisor. Even without having completed their PLQ, MS Reid has demonstrated exceptional leadership and supervising skills.

She expertly coordinated and supervised the movement of large museum items out of Hangar 11 in preparation of its renovation while ensuring the safety of everyone involved. She has managed multiple unique and complex situations of BTL members, ensuring that the welfare of the individuals was looked after.

The third recipient of the CO’s coin, MS Reid (Cpl Kingerski/Borden Base Imagery)

MS Reid has grown the role of the BTL supervisor and had direct impact on implementing new changes to the BTL which include the addition of inspections, group PT and O Groups at the platoon level. She has demonstrated leadership and initiative well beyond their rank and are deserving of recognition. 

Ms. Ann MacDonald, R&QSS

A hard-working FOS 2 with a positive attitude, Ann MacDonald is at Curtiss Kitchen and often goes over and above their duties to take the lead on decorating the kitchen for holidays. This may seem like a small gesture, but the impact on the morale of the staff and diners alike is vast. For those away from their families, it gives a sense of home while posted at CFB Borden. Ann is kind to others and can always be counted on to show a friendly smile, even in hard situations.

In her off-time Ann volunteers at the Angus Legion where she strips and waxes the floors, cleans, and helps whenever needed and even at times taking their leave to support the Legion. 

Ann MacDonald receiving the final coin from CO LCol Cathcart and CWO Thomas (Cpl Kingerski/Borden Base Imagery)

Ann MacDonald is a valued member of PSS, Food Services and the community and is deserving of recognition for their hard work, kindness and contribution to the community.

The parade ended with a collective group photo including PSS staff and members of the unit standing unified together among the bleachers.

By: Caleb Hooper