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Celebrating 56 Years of Logistics Division

LCol Cathcart thanking and commemorating the cooks for their efforts in baking over 200 cupcakes and the RCLS flag cake on 1 February 2024 at Curtiss Dining Hall (Caleb Hooper/Borden Citizen)

Join the CAF in celebrating logisticians across Canada who support our troops every day

1 February 2024 marked the 56th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Logistics Service (RCLS) which was founded in 1968 and CFB Borden’s Canadian Forces Logistics Training Centre (CFLTC) recognized this with a cake cutting to celebrate the occasion in Curtiss Dining Hall.

The day leading up to the ceremony, members from the logistics branch including Corporal Courtney Jefferies, Corporal Thomas Hill and Corporal Lyndsey Lightowlers were elbow deep in cake batter and icing as they prepared a gorgeously layered cake to represent the flag of RCLS.

Accompanying the cake were dozens of cupcakes surrounding the display which shared the various colours of the RCLS flag. Together, the baked goods came together in a delicious display of pride and talent that showcased the skills of Cpl Jefferies, Cpl Hill and Cpl Lightowlers as cooks.

Preparation for the event started the day before, with the multiple layers of cake being baked alongside hundreds of cupcakes. Sketches of what the RCLS flag cake should look like were made ahead of time and complimented with many attempts at getting the icing colours just right.

The final form of the RCLS flag cake, layered and covered in dyed fondant created by Cpl Hill, Cpl Jefferies and Cpl Lightowlers (Caleb Hooper/Borden Citizen)

The Commanding Officer and RSM of PSS, LCol Natalie Cathcart and CWO Dan Thomas were also present to celebrate the dedication and hard work of logisticians across the CAF.

The RCLS plays a vital role within the CAF by providing comprehensive support across various operational and administrative areas.

RCLS members are involved in many roles crucial for the daily operations and the effectiveness of the CAF such as supply chain management, transportation, food services, financial management services, human resources management, engineering and maintenance support, health services support and postal services.

The Logistics Service was created to improve the quality and efficiency of logistical support within the military, a significant leap from the times when the quality of meals and other logistical support were basic and often inadequate.

During the Second World War, sugar, eggs, meat, coffee and chocolate were in limited supply for Canadians and for military members it was just as bad, if not worse.

In 1942, ration books became a means of easing the strain on the supply chain by limiting the consumption of hard-to-get products.

Most of the meals that soldiers ate on the battlefield were canned goods, but for Canadians at home, simplified versions of pre-existing recipes were disseminated across the country to combat the food shortages.

The Logistics Division at CFB Borden, as part of the larger base, plays a pivotal role in the logistical training and support for the CAF. Its evolution from humble beginnings to a leading training facility reflects the CAF’s commitment to excellence, innovation and the well-being of its personnel.

Happy Birthday RCLS!

By: Caleb Hooper