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Summer Wellness Bingo Challenge

Last Chance…

If you missed it, the Summer Wellness Bingo Challenge has been running all summer long. The good news is…you can still participate! All you have to do is check off all of the activities you have completed over the summer months on the bingo card. You may even have enough time to complete a few others before the deadline. For more information or to download your bingo card, log onto our website at CFMWS.com or contact your local HP team at local 7086.

Don’t Forget…

If you have already been participating in the challenge, don’t forget to submit your bingo card! To be entered into the draw you must submit your bingo card by end of day on 7 September. You can drop it off at your local HP office, located in the Buell Gym (room 112) or submit it by email at bordenhealthpromotion@gmail.com.

Article written by: Nathaniel Smith, local Health Promotion Specialist at CFB Borden.