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What is Blue Monday? 

The third Monday in January has been dubbed “Blue Monday,” as it’s rumoured to be the most depressing day of the year. While there’s no concrete evidence of this title, Canadians usually feel a slump with the onset of winter, less exposure to sunlight, and holiday celebrations finished. At some point, we’ve all experienced a case of the winter blues. The weather is colder, it gets darker earlier and it can lead to hibernation mode. 

One of the best ways to cope with the January blues is to take an inventory of your lifestyle habits to see what simple but effective changes you can make to improve your mental health. Daily meaningful activities like getting proper sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, being physically active, setting up a budget to manage your spending habits, these are all practical, achievable goals that can make you feel more balanced.  

January is tough in particular because the holiday excitement has died down and reality has set in. This year, Blue Monday is on 15 January, 2024. We would like to combat Blue Monday this year with a Spin – a Thon Challenge at The Buell Fitness and Aquatic Centre! Gather up your unit in teams of 2-7 and have your team captain register your team on www.CFMWS.ca/Borden  

Register online: Team Captain to register a team online at www.CFMWS.ca/Borden 

By: Shannon Orr, Health Promotion Specialist